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Collection of designs inspired by various famous and iconic characters. Wall decal silhouettes, shapes and faces to decorate your home 

Choose a character that you can relate to and place them on the walls of your home as a pleasant reminder. Whether your favourite character is from a well loved movie or TV series, is a political or religious icon, or even a famous musician, you are sure to find a decal that you will love.

Available in many sizes and colours for you to easily customize your space. Ideal for decorating your home or your themed business. 

Audrey Hepburn Movie Sticker

Queen of England Profile Sticker

Twiggy Portrait Sticker

Steve Jobs Illustration Sticker

Lego Darth Vader Wall Sticker

Al Capone Portrait Sticker

Albert Einstein Sticker

Al Capone Silhouette Sticker

Paul Newman Decorative Portrait Decal

Ali Baba Wall Sticker

Harry, Ron and Hermione Silhouette Decal

Couple On Swing Sticker

Salvador Dali Portrait Wall Sticker

Couple Blowing Kisses Sticker

Fancy Girl Drawing Wall Sticker

Pulp Fiction Characters Decal

Apple Man MacBook Sticker

Elvis Sticker

Marilyn Monroe Wall Sticker

Beatles Faces Wall Sticker

Bob Marley Mural Wall Sticker

Gandhi Portrait Sticker

Boy George Portrait Sticker

Steve Jobs Apple Sticker

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