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Education Stickers

Collection of educational decals & stickers. A variety of designs including; multiplication times tables, days of the week, meters rulers, numbers, world maps and more. Ideal for decorating children's bedrooms or school classrooms. 

Want to decorate in a way that will benefit your children? This range of designs allows you to brighten up any room while also adding an educational element. Colourful and eye-catching stickers that will attract children's attention. 

Ideal stickers for school classrooms to make them stand out and transform them from being dull and boring. Why use books to teach your children when you can use these fun stickers instead!

Education Kid Wall Decal

Little Girl Reading Wall sticker

Classroom Wall Sticker

Classroom Rules Wall Sticker

Mathematics Essentials Kids Sticker

Educational Tree Kids Sticker

School Student Thoughts Decorative Sticker

Fun Multiplication Table Kids Sticker

Multiplication Table Wall Sticker

Student with Pencil Kids Sticker

Student with School Bag Kids Sticker

Little Students Kids Sticker

Young Reader Kids Sticker

Times Table Kids Sticker

Planet Earth Kids Sticker

Children Reading Kids Sticker

Young Students Wall Sticker

Owl Teacher Wall Sticker

1 to 5 Monkeys Wall Sticker

Girl at School Illustration Sticker

Girl at Library Wall Sticker

Young Designer Sticker

Periodic Table Science Wall Sticker

Botany Student Sticker

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