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Medicine and Health

Collection of designs related to the world of health and medicine. Ideal for doctors, dental practices, and many more businesses in the health and well-being industry. 

Make your health or medical related business more customer friendly with this great range of stickers and decals that can be applied to any flat surface. Colourful and bright designs that are sure to make your office and business spaces more pleasant. 

Choose from a range of sizes and colours in order to best suit you. If you can't find a medical and health sticker that you like then we can create one just for you! Send your requests to info@tenstickers.co.uk.

First Aid Sign Sticker

Electrocardiogram Wall Sticker

Eye Test Sticker

Vintage Doctor Wall Sticker

Caduceus Health Symbol Wall Sticker

Professional Doctor Wall Sticker

Manipura Chakra Decorative Sticker

Visuddha Chakra Decorative Decal

Chakra Ajna Decorative Decal

Chakra Muladhara Decorative Sticker

Chakra Silhouette Wall Sticker

Anahata Chakrea Decorative Sticker

Chakra Sahasrara Wall Sticker

Svadhishthana Chakra Decorative Decal

Doctor with Laptop Wall Sticker

Fitness Apple Measure Wall Sticker

Massage Mural Wall Mural

X-Ray Doctor Wall Sticker

Dentist Chair Wall Sticker

Doctor Laptop Wall Sticker

Four Meditation Decorative Decals

Evil Nurse Monochrome Sticker

Zen Flower Bathroom Sticker

Drop of Water Decorative Sticker

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