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Vintage Themed Stickers

Collection of designs with a vintage theme. A variety of pictures, phrases, images inspired by classic themes. Ideal for decorating your home or business. Our fantastic vintage wall stickers are perfect for those with a unique taste for vintage designs. If you appreciate classic designs then you are in the right place! 

You don't seem to find what you were looking for? No worries, contact us and we will create a personalised sticker for you! Remember that our decals are easy to apply and leave no residue on the surface applied upon removal! 

Vintage Teapot Wall Sticker

Vintage Clock Wall Sticker

Louis XIV Sofa Wall Sticker

Vintage Watches Wall Stickers

Pink Vintage Radio Decorative Sticker

Vintage Airplane Air Mail Decal

Vintage Telephone Sticker

Vintage Ceiling Light Sticker

Vintage Mirror Decorative Decal

Lady in the House Vintage Decal

Retro Teacher Vintage Sticker

Retro Secretary Vintage Sticker

Vintage Camera Stickers

Candelabra Wall Sticker

Classic Old Key Sticker

Vintage Sofa Retro Decal

Collection of Vintage Sticker

Vintage Female Toilet Sticker

Treasure Isle Wall Sticker

Moustache & Monocle Toilet Sticker

Hippie Van Decorative Decal

Jukebox Vintage Wall Sticker

Vintage Frame Sticker

Classic Sewing Machine Wall Sticker

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