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Collection of designs inspired by cities and countries of the world. Stickers and decals with illustrations based on imagery from a variety of locations. 

Do you love to travel and explore new places of the world? Or do you have that one place that you love to visit every year? With this great range of stickers you can have a constant reminder of your favourite country or city anywhere in your home. 

Choose from a selection of beautiful decals with images of famous monuments and landscapes. Or why not choose a text sticker with a charming phrase. 

Milan Photo Mural Sticker

Avila City Silhouette Wall Sticker

Donkey Monochrome Sticker

Welcome To London Bus Wall Sticker

England Is My Kingdom Wall Sticker

Tube Lines Wall Sticker

Milan Skyline Sticker

Koln Skyline Decorative Wall Sticker

Amsterdam Skyline Sticker

Salzburg Skyline Sticker

Geneva Skyline Sticker

Munich Skyline Decorative Wall Mural

New York Skyline Wall Sticker

Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar Sticker

World Monuments Collage Wall Sticker

Venice Photo Mural Sticker

Colour World Map Wall Sticker

Taj Mahal Travel Sticker

Sydney Opera House Wall Sticker

World Times Wall Mural

Desert Pyramids Wall Sticker

Sevilla Skyline Wall Stickers

World Monuments Wall Sticker

Milan Heart Sticker

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