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Visual Effects Stickers

Collection of stickers with creative visual effects designs. Set of vinyl decals with optical illusions and effects to customise your spaces. 

A range of fun stickers that can allow you to create alternative atmospheres, and have more visually striking décor at home. Trick your guests into thinking that there is a hole into another dimension, or even an exotic paradise on the other side of your wall!

Available in a variety of sizes so you can adapt it to fit wherever you like. Easy to apply and remove without leaving any residue behind. 

Personalised Photo Wall Hole Sticker

3D Wall Explosion Sticker

Cube Illusion Switch Sticker

3D T-Rex Wall Sticker

Hole In The Wall Sticker

The Shining Wall Sticker

Brick Wall Hole Custom Sticker

Sky Zipper Decorative Cloud Sticker

Brickwall Zipper Decorative Sticker

Night Time Zipper Sticker

Pink Wall Zipper Sticker

Door Fiction Wall Sticker

3D Light Switch Shadow Wall Sticker

Theater Curtain Vinyl Sticker

Open Window Wall Mural Sticker

Torn Paper MacBook Sticker

Personalised Photo Window Frame

Old or Young Woman Wall Sticker

Hole in the Wall Wall Sticker

Submarine Porthole Ocean Wall Sticker

Metal Vault Door Sticker

Face Emotion Wall Sticker

Golden Door Sticker

Curtain Vinyl Sticker

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