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Collection of stickers with silhouette designs. A variety of silhouettes of all kinds of people. Ideal for decorating any space. Suitable for the home or business.  

A great range of mono-colour wall decals with the silhouette profiles of different people doing different activities such as sport, dance and many more. Many sizes and colours available for you to easily customise your space that you want to decorate. 

If you can't find the perfect silhouette sticker for you, we can create your own silhouette profile just for you! Just send us your photo at info@tenstickers.co.uk.  

No Beauty Shines Brighter Wall Sticker

Silhouette Girl Dancer Wall Sticker

Hip Hop Dancer Wall Sticker

Lady Shopper Silhouette Sticker

Beatles Abbey Road Wall Sticker

Woman with Handbag Silhouette Sticker

Little Girl In The Meadow Blackboard Sticker

Hanging Climber Switch Sticker

Weight Lifter Wall Sticker

Batman Kite Wall Sticker

Fitness Girl Wall Sticker

Evolution Climbing Wall Sticker

Olympic Runner Silhouette Wall Sticker

Gunman Switch Sticker

The Human Evolution Sticker

Lady Shopper Silhouette Wall Sticker

Personalised Portrait Frame Sticker

Moving Men Switch Sticker

Namaste Decorative Yoga Sticker

Dancing In The Rain Girl Wall Sticker

Flamenco Dancer Monochrome Sticker

Personalised Child Portrait Wall Sticker

Archer Warrior Sticker

Latin Dance Decorative Wall Sticker

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