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Gay Pride Home Wall Sticker

TenStickers. Gay Pride Home Wall Sticker. Show off your pride and fight against intolerance with this awesome gay pride wall sticker. Choose from a wide range of sizes!

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Show off your pride with this awesome gay pride wall decal. Fight back against hundreds of years of oppression and persecution every day and tell the world that it is, in fact, OK to be gay. Throughout history and legend there have been countless great homosexual and bisexual individuals from Alexander the Great to Zeus himself. Alan Turing’s invention of the Turing machine cracked the German enigma and saves the lives of countless Europeans. Despite this he was still jailed for the crime of homosexuality. Help fight this backwards thinking with this beautiful gay pride wall sticker and show the world that not only do gay people exist, that they’re just as wonderful as anyone else.

Information about Gay Pride Home Wall Sticker

Reference: A15896


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