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The Rain Doesn't Bother Me Wall Sticker

The Rain Doesn't Bother Me Wall Sticker

Rain, rain go away, come again another day. Person holding umbrella no bothered about the rain vinyl wall sticker. This is the famous song we all knew when we in the nursery and this is the wall sticker living proof of the famous nursery rhyme. We don't care about the rain nor do we care about if we get a little wet so let go and play in the rain. Why not get your child this amazing vinyl sticker and have some fun with your child and play in the rain without all the mess. Not only is this wall sticker detailed to perfection but the use of a child in the image allows your child to relate to the wall sticker and have a friend to play with. 

Available in many colours and sizes and made with the best quality!

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Reference: A4622

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