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Purple vinyl rugs

Our stunning purple vinyl rugs are the finishing touch that you've been looking for! You can stick these designs wherever you would like! They will no doubt look perfect in any room in your home. We cannot think of a better way to elevate your homes look!

The colour purple is often associated with luxury, ambition and peace and that is what the design team have looked to share with you with this purple vinyl mat collection. In this collection you will find designs ranging from vintage to more modern ones as we have attempted to include something for everyone and every room.

Add a bit of purple!

Our wonderful custom-made purple vinyl mats add the perfect personal touch to any room of your home, making for a warmer and more homely environment. So much so that you will wonder how you could have ever lived without one before. The incredible qualities these flooring offer are second to none, they brighten, protect and add so much character to your room that all your friend and family will be jealous, and rightly so. Our purple vinyl flooring can also be customised in regard to sizing as well, so that not only is it personalised to you, but it is also personalised to you house! Fitting in exactly where you want it as if it was always meant to be there.

Our pvc purple vinyl rugs almost take care of themselves, no hoovering required! Just one wipe with a damp cloth and it’s as good as new. Our vinyl rugs in purple fit in amazingly in a busy household, being both pet and child friendly, so no need to worry about tears, wrinkles and creases due to the incredible high-quality of these products. Being hypoallergenic as well means that these rugs are practically safe foe anyone and everyone. 

These purple vinyl carpets are so easy to apply that really anyone could do it, however if you were in the slightest bit worried, instructions are provided, so there is no chance they won’t look good!

We are sure you'll love our products, so why not go ahead and look at our amazing purple vinyl rugs on offer. We are certain you will not be disappointed! Personalise you home in the best way and make everyone jealous because you will have something that they don’t.

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